About Us

My name is Maria. I own Pickerington Title Boxing Club which is a fitness club where we do boxing/kickboxing and personal training. Everyone refers to me as Big Mama (a fun nickname I have developed over the years.

I myself went into a slump where I gained 25lbs! When I was asked multiple times when I was expected to have a baby (not kidding!), I immediately knew something had to change. I started meal prepping for myself and prepared all my meals for the entire week! Within 3 months I had lost 25lbs and actually had abs again! I share my story because I am proof that anyone can fall off the wagon of healthy eating, poor diet, not caring, hate the way they look and feel because of it, etc. I own a fitness club and fell off the wagon! But I got back on track and paid attention to what I was eating and was able to lose the weight and maintain and be healthy!

So I started getting a lot of “comments” from my members of “If I could just lose this extra weight” or “I work out all the time but this weight won’t budge”. My response to these comments was, “what is your diet like?” For losing weight, it’s 80% Diet and only 20% exercise. I would get a lot of, “I don’t really know what I should be eating” or “I just grab some food as I go about my busy day.” So that is where it all started……..I knew I had to help!! Big Mama had to help these people and give them direction and guidance. So I did….

That is when I mentioned to all my wonderful members, what if I meal prepped for you for the entire week and made you delicious meals but they have all the right nutrients your body needs?!! Every one of my clients said YES please help me! So that is exactly what I did! While you are sleeping, just know I am researching hours upon hours of the exact recipes we want to make for the week that has High protein, low carb or keto, portion controlled, healthy and delicious meals. It is my mission to make sure my clients always are getting the right fuel for their body and I absolutely love serving this community! The best feeling is when my clients tell me they have lost weight, or their clothes fit better, or they just have so much more energy eating the meals! I will continue doing what I love: changing people’s lives, one bite at a time!